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Divorce Mediation Assistance

We assist Mediators by educating a couple on the short and long-term financial effects of proposed settlements.

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Certified Divorce Financial Planning

We bring clarity to complex financial matters every step of the way to achieve a truly equitable settlement

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Post-Divorce Transition

We provide Financial Planning after your divorce so you can move forward with your life in a place of confidence and control

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Registered CDFA®, Investment Advisor Representative

Kristen N. Hilty

Kristen Hilty is a CDFA® and Investment Advisor Representative with over 20 years of financial services experience. Her goal is to help couples achieve an amicable, equitable, and lower-cost divorce. With extensive training and background in divorce finance, she provides her clients with a clear picture of their current finances so they can make better decisions for a sound future for all family members.

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Divorce and Finance

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“Kristen utilizes her extensive financial planning knowledge and expertise to guide those walking through divorce to consider and make informed decisions related to their finances. Not just for now but also for their future.

Her natural style is full of warmth, compassionate engagement and wisdom. She is AWESOME and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

– Diane McDermott

“Divorce is a huge stress and it’s very rare for anyone to feel 100% ok with understanding everything there is to think about regarding their financial options. I feel extremely lucky that I found Kristen and had her expertise. Not only did she break everything down so that I understood my options but she helped me feel empowered and strong, which for me, was priceless. Knowing she understood the ramifications of different options and could explain to me the pros/cons made the overall process better. The stress of a life change is not easy but she truly makes you feel like she wants the best for you.”

– Kristina S.

“Kristen’s expert and detailed analysis of our household spending and finances greatly helped in my mediation. It cut the amount of the inflated alimony and child support that was being requested in half. Highly recommend her services!”

– John S.
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