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4 Divorce Resources

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by Kristen Hilty

4 Divorce Support Resources For Your “Corner”

Divorce is an emotional roller coaster: Lost. Scared. Bitter. Lonely. Relieved. Shaken. Sad. Angry. Hopeful. You can’t go through it alone and you don’t have to. Fortunately, divorce there are many resources available to help you not only survive the process but come out of it thriving.

Friends and family are your emotional support group and you’ll need them more than ever. However, you’ll need a professional team in your corner to get through the legal portion and some of the emotional aspects. Friends and family have your best interests at heart but aren’t always unbiased. Here are 4 resources that you will want in your emotional and financial corner.

1. A Good Therapist

There is so much emotional trauma caused by divorce that a qualified professional can help you navigate. A therapist will help you explore your role in the end of your marriage so you can get clear about your goals for the next phase of your life. Unlike friends and family, they don’t know all the parties involved and can focus on you and you alone without other “baggage.”

2. Non-Profits

Almost every community in the country has a non-profit that offers divorce support resources. Check your local community for those in your area.

3. CDFA® or Financial Planner

The most common and paralyzing fear that nearly everyone feels in divorce is “Will I be ok financially?” Before you agree to any settlement, you need a second set of eyes and some financial projections. A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® practitioner, CDFA®, is trained specifically in the finances of divorce and can help keep you out of a courtroom.

4. The Internet

Divorce has become big business. New resource sites pop up every day offering a wealth of free information, downloads, blogs, referrals, directories, etc. It can be somewhat overwhelming so just pick out what you connect with and leave the rest. Also, is a great resource for local divorce support groups. Going to a few is a good idea but don’t let yourself sink in too long. Recovery is supposed to be about getting better and its easy to stay stuck in grief and never move on. Use a support group to move through the process and then – move on.

This is going to be a challenging time in your life. Ultimately, you will be stronger, happier, and ok – as long as you choose to. Use the resources available to you to make good decisions for yourself. Today truly is the first day of the rest of your life.

Contact us at Better Divorce Solutions so we can connect you to the most trusted divorce professionals for your unique situation.

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