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Dividing Assets

by Kristen Hilty

Once you and your spouse make the  decision to divorces, you need to start thinking about how to divide the property you accumulated during your marriage. This is often the most difficult and contentious part of the process.

Property involves everything from personal items and household goods to real estate, investments, and retirement accounts. Property and assets have emotional attachments and can be difficult to untangle without a professional to explain the true value of certain assets, tax consequences, and future financial consequences to name a few.

All Is NOT  Equal

One term you’ll hear over and over is “equitable distribution”. Remember that “equitable” does not mean “equal”. Equitable means fair and that can be subjective. Determining what is separate vs. marital property usually requires a financial expert. and a “fair” distribution of the assets. But what is considered an asset?

You Don’t Have To Do This Alone

Our job is to help you navigate the complex system of dividing assets and obtain the settlement that’s best for you and your financial future. If you and/or your spouse are finding yourselves confused on the best way to divide assets, call Better Divorce Solutions for a complimentary consultation.

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