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Don’t Wait

by Kristen Hilty

As we all know and realize, the older we get the faster time moves. Where did the last month go?  The last year?

Divorce is an emotional wrecking ball.  You want and need to take time to recover.  But if you’ve never worked and are relying on alimony to pay the bills, the alimony inevitably stops.  Finding a job takes time, especially if you’ve been out of the workplace raising your family.  

My advice?  Don’t wait! 

Start before you think you need to.  Even if you’re currently working full or part-time, start thinking about what your shortfall will be when that alimony ends sooner than later.  When your kids are still in school is your best time to meet people, and make connections, friendships, and contacts.  Most likely someone you know knows someone, who knows someone, who is looking for someone just like you.  There’s an entire army of smart, talented, successful people who took time off to raise kids.  Just because you chose to stay home doesn’t mean your career is over.  Exactly the opposite: You have maturity, experience, and have acquired valuable skills in managing your household.  It can seem overwhelming but start somewhere.  Ask a friend if they know anyone who is looking for someone with your experience.  Leverage your network. 

Please begin your job search before the alimony runs out before your kids have left the nest, and it’s harder to find and build a network.  This doesn’t have to be a scary thing.  It can be incredibly exciting and invigorating to think about some skill sets you haven’t thought of in a long time and reinventing yourself can be fun!

If you need help and resources with this type of planning, reach out to us at Better Divorce Solutions

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