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Living in Divorce Limbo?

by Kristen Hilty

Spousal Back and Forth?

Texts, screen shots, phone calls. Why is your attorney taking so long…wait…why is YOUR attorney taking so long?

Children Back and Forth?

What is he/she feeding them for dinner? Is he/she taking the stress out on the kids? Is he/she spoiling them to look like the better parent

Attorneys Back and Forth?

When you are under all this stress and your life has been turned upside down and you barely recognize yourself…You even question whether the expert you hired is really “fighting for you.

You will get through this to the other side where you can breathe again. Believe it or not…you will eventually get a full night of sleep!

At Better Divorce Solutions , it’s not just about the financials…We don’t stop until you feel you can move forward in your life with a clear vision and some peace.

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