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Managing the Financial Impact of Coparenting

mother playing with children
by Kristen Hilty

If you’re co-parenting, you’ve probably noticed that coming up with a fair way to share childcare expenses is harder than it sounds – even for the most amicable divorces.

As anyone with a child can tell you, their interests change – sometimes day-to-day – and activities become more expensive the older they get. A mediator or a judge has detailed how you’re going to divide your childcare spending – but what if your child wants to take up something new that you and your ex-spouse don’t agree on? What if they want to go on a ski trip with friends? Even if you agree on the activity, you or your ex may feel it’s too expensive If your ex is barely able to meet their financial obligations, they may have a point.

So what do you do? Improvise, communicate and – hopefully – compromise.

  • Devise a system for unexpected expenses.
  • Carefully discuss the topic of budgeting and finances with your child if age appropriate. It’s never too soon to teach your children the value of money.
  • The more you involve attorneys for communication and rules, the more money you pay an attorney vs. an activity for your children. So keep an open mind during communications and keep the conversations specific to the topic at hand.
  • ALWAYS put the kids first and conduct your communications as if your children were listening.

If you need help with co-parenting skills, contact Better Divorce Solutions. We can put you in touch with the best resources for your unique situation.

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