Divorce Services

We will handle the financial complexities of divorce so they are not complicated for you.

Divorce Mediation

Are you concerned the divorce process might cost too much and you will lose control? Mediation is a way to help you resolve your divorce, custody, alimony, and property disputes without entering a courtroom.

Divorce Mediation Assistance

Mediators often struggle with the financial consequences of settlement options.

Certified Divorce Planning

You’ve made the tough decision that the best thing is to end your marriage and move on. You’re reasonable and can sit at a table together and discuss the situation. You want to avoid a costly court battle.

QDRO Facilitation (Split Retirement Plans)

The Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) is prepared, sent to the judge for approval and then forwarded to the plan administrators for division of the assets.

Post Divorce Transition

Your divorce is final! Now some of the real work begins. Your accounts need to be consolidated, QDROs completed, bank accounts closed, wills redone, etc. It can be very overwhelming!