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Where Do I Start

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by Kristen Hilty

Most of us need a plan to move forward, whether for work, managing a home, finances, etc. But what if you’ve never been through a particular situation and don’t even know where to start? And you can’t do it alone but need professionals on your side?

Although divorce is common, the divorce process varies depending on the couple’s situation. Short-term marriages without children or property typically result in a less complex and time-consuming divorce than long-term marriages with significant property entanglements, marital debt, and minor children.

Your Options In A Divorce

Additionally, divorcing couples who work together to negotiate the terms of the divorce (child custody, child support, property division, debt allocation, and spousal support) will experience a less expensive and less stressful divorce than couples who can’t agree or refuse to work together.

Every divorce is unique. Don’t assume your divorce has to look anything like others you have heard about. Better Divorce Solutions is here to provide a free consultation to discuss your unique situation and help you understand your options and create a plan to move forward.

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